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In Our Digitalized World, Value-Aligned Marketing Is Rare!

Marketers often use messages that are too pushy and they don't get the subtleties of the coaching relationship. This might make you feel uncertain about expanding your coaching business using marketing strategies.

But don't worry!

Our direct outreach service is perfect for coaches like you. We have already helped coaches build genuine relationships. We know what makes coaching special, and we'll use creative ideas to help you succeed.

You'll Enjoy...


Relevant Conversations

Connecting with people actively seeking coaching solutions.


Expert Guidance

Leveraging proven strategies ensuring consistent growth.

Maximized Impact

Spending less time searching and more time coaching.

Your Success is Our Priority

We understand your challenges as a coach in today's competitive landscape. Your success is personal to us – we're here to support your growth.

With years of experience in direct outreach for coaches, we've honed a value-driven approach. We're your trusted partners in realizing your coaching aspirations.

So Let's...

1. Meet

Schedule a call with us and share your coaching vision.

2. Start

Begin your value-aligned direct outreach.

3. Coach

Nurture your relationships and sign more clients.

Successful Coaches Who Have Worked With Us

Jacob Rupp

Performance Coach for Executives and Entrepreneurs

Michelle Elyse Jonas

ICF-Accredited Executive Coach

Benjamin Carcich

Leadership Coach

Why You'll Succeed With

Coaching Leads

A successful online coaching practice is not only about booked appointment and closing rates. Yes, results are important, but understanding a strategy that leads to the results is more important. We focus on building a strong foundation in the following three areas.



Get ready to broaden your horizons on LinkedIn! At Coaching Leads, we specialize in helping you maximize your network's potential. Our targeted outreach strategies go beyond simple connections, focusing on building a robust network that becomes a valuable business asset. Through strategic relationship building, we open doors to exciting opportunities like interviews, speaking engagements, and guest author spots. We help you extend your reach and establish meaningful connections that can propel your coaching business to new heights.



Transform your LinkedIn interactions from ordinary to extraordinary with Coaching Leads. Our approach centers around relationship-focused message sequences that resonate with your audience. By offering valuable resources and employing warm chat conversation techniques, we ensure that your interactions are genuine and impactful. We help you truly understand your network, bringing out their challenges and validating their experiences. With this deep understanding, we guide you on how to effectively communicate, fostering engagement and building lasting relationships based on authenticity.



Monetizing your LinkedIn presence is no longer a mystery when you partner with Coaching Leads. Our comprehensive strategies empower you to package and promote your offers seamlessly. From book promotions and podcast launches to data-driven decisions and retreat/event promotions, we guide you through every step of the process. With our expertise, you'll confidently navigate course launches, build a paid Membership Community, and effectively promote mastermind sessions. Turn your LinkedIn connections into paying clients and establish yourself as a go-to authority in your field, all with our proven approach to monetization.


We understand the objections that may arise, such as concerns about the effectiveness of lead generation or time commitment. Rest assured, we've fine-tuned our strategies to deliver tangible results, saving you time and ensuring your investment translates into impactful coaching relationships. Here are some questions you may have:

Will this really work for my coaching niche?

Absolutely! Our tailored approach caters to leadership, executive, business, life, and career coaches, ensuring you connect with the right audience.

Is there a large time investment?

We understand your time is valuable. Our streamlined process ensures efficient lead generation, giving you more time to focus on transforming lives.

Can I afford this service?

Our pricing options are designed to cater to various budgets, while the ROI from even a few successful coaching clients can cover the investment.

How do I know you're the experts you claim to be?

Our track record speaks for itself, with numerous coaches experiencing increased leads and meaningful connections through our strategies.

I'm uncertain about committing to this service.

We offer a risk-free consultation where we'll walk you through our process and show you the potential impact on your coaching business before you commit.

Imagine the satisfaction of guiding individuals toward their goals, making a lasting impact, and getting the recognition you deserve. Together, we'll overcome any obstacles. Don't let limiting thoughts hold you back. Join Coaching Leads today and embark on your journey to success.

Take the first step and book your consultation today!


Charles (Chaim) Grayman

Founder of Coaching Leads


Journey of Faith and Wisdom

Welcome to my world at Coaching Leads, a narrative shaped by deep spiritual roots and relentless pursuit of knowledge. From a young age as a religious Jew, my life took a transformative turn at 13 when I left home to immerse myself in the ancient wisdom of the Talmud. Over 15 years, I didn't just study; I lived the Talmud, delving deep into its layers and embracing Jewish ethics. This journey, primarily spent in The Yeshiva of The Nation's Capital, honed my understanding of Talmudic principles and Mussar (ethics) especially mastering the sefer (book) Chovos Helevovos and the Gate of Bitachon (trust).

From Jerusalem to Psychology

The pursuit of wisdom took me to Jerusalem, living and studying at the historic Yeshiva "Mir," where I learned from some of the greatest Talmudic masters alive today. This period not only deepened my spiritual understanding but also paved the way for my academic achievements. I completed my bachelor's in Talmudic Law and after returing to the US, a master's in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, specializing in Coaching and Consulting. This phase marked my transition from ancient teachings to the practical application of knowledge in human behavior and ethics in business and organizations.

Merging Ancient Wisdom with Modern Strategy

My journey took an exciting turn into the dynamic world of digital marketing, particularly for coaching businesses, through a mastermind course led by Lucas Rubix. This new skill set was immediately put to test with my first client, leading to the successful creation of a comprehensive lead generation system. The success was so profound that it led to the inception of Coaching Leads. Here, I combine timeless wisdom with modern digital strategies, helping coaching businesses flourish in today's digital landscape. Welcome to Coaching Leads, where depth meets innovation, and your business's potential is realized through a blend of ancient knowledge and contemporary expertise.

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