Our SECRET LinkedIn ad strategies get our clients 5X more leads every week without having a giant budget

Discover how we can get you more leads and revenue with just a

$50 per day budget, giving you a 10X ROI on every dollar spent

LinkedIn has millions of users and is the door for thousands of clients who are looking to learn and advance their careers through coaching. Studies show that people on LinkedIn are 6X more likely to convert, leading to increased sales.


Every day you wake up with dry DMs and no calls booked which is making it harder for your coaching business to survive.

You could spend a lot of time building your followers, but does that guarantee you leads?

While the coaches who work with us are getting booked calls that turn into clients, allowing them to focus on what they do best…COACHING.

Here’s how we’ll help you GET more LEADS…


Targeted Audience

We target the EXACT dream clients who want your coaching services ensuring more PROSPECTS knock on your door with less money spent!


Improved Outcomes

We’ll use the secrets that have been getting our clients 10X more booked calls to help you get the same results.

Time Efficiency

Streamline your efforts by targeting high-quality leads through our LinkedIn paid ads. This way, you can prioritize coaching without spending unnecessary time and energy on less promising prospects.

Your Success Is Our First Priority

With years of experience in LinkedIn paid ads for coaches, we know that being a coach in today's competitive world is so challenging. But we're here to help you succeed. We've been working with coaches for a long time, so we understand the difficulties most of the coaches face. 

Just imagine having a powerful tool that brings the right people to your DMs and turns them into valuable Zoom meetings. That's exactly what our LinkedIn paid ads can do for you.

Our approach is all about creating opportunities for you to connect with the right clients through targeted reach and proven strategies.

What happens next?



Schedule a call with us to discuss your coaching goals and target audience on LinkedIn. We'll create a strategy that aligns with your objectives.



Begin your LinkedIn paid ad campaigns aimed to attract the prospects who are interested in your coaching services.


Watch the leads turning into booked Zoom meetings without lifting a finger.

How Coaching Leads Can Help You Succeed?

A successful online coaching business isn't just about getting appointments and closing deals. Yes, results are important, but understanding the strategy behind achieving those results matters even more. Here's how Coaching Leads supports you:

Expanding Your Reach

Imagine expanding your coaching opportunities on LinkedIn! At Coaching Leads, we help you make the most out of your hard-earned money. Our targeted LinkedIn ads are much more than just simple and irrelevant advertisements. We focus on helping you reach the right people which becomes a valuable asset for your business.

Helping You Gain Trust

Transform your LinkedIn interactions with Coaching Leads! We focus on creating strong relationships that matter to your audience. By using our secret ad strategies, we make sure your interactions are real and meaningful. By understanding your audience deeply, we address their challenges and validate their experiences - helping you build long-lasting relationships.

Monetizing Your Presence

Making money through LinkedIn is no longer a mystery. We at Coaching Leads empower you to package and promote your offers effortlessly. Whether it's promoting your book or podcast, making data-driven decisions, or organizing retreats and events, we guide you through every step. With our expertise, you can confidently launch courses, create paid Membership Communities, and promote masterminds. Turn your prospects into paying clients and establish yourself as an authority in your field, using our tested monetization strategies.

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